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Personalised Family Tea Print On Wooden Chopping Board

eg. Dad
Strong / weak etc
One / two etc
eg. Mum
Strong / weak etc
One / two etc
Eg. Daniel
Strong / weak etc
One / two
eg. Emily
Strong / weak etc
One / Two etc

A personalised print on a decorative wooden chopping board, showing how each member of the family takes their tea.

How does your family take theirs? Never forget how to make your family or friends their perfect cuppa again! Simply choose between 2 to 5 names, then choose the strength and number of sugars required for each person. Comes complete with tea related illustrations of sugar pots, mugs, milk bottles, tea spoons and tea bags, with a teapot in the center with the title.

Printed directly onto a natural wooden chopping board, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen!

A great alternative gift for a family of tea lovers!

These gorgeous chopping boards are handmade from sustainable mango wood.

Delivery is on us, so you can treat yourself to a nice cup of tea!

50 x 16 x 1.5cm

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