Personalised Morse Code Photo Frame


Not one for public displays of affection? Share a secret message with a loved one with these stylish Personalised Morse Code Photo Frames.

These are personalised frames with a difference. Your message is turned into morse code and appears as a decorative pattern around the frame. Nobody needs to know what the message says, apart from you!

You can pick any short phrase of your choice for your secret message gift. The example reads I love you Daddy, lots of love Oscar.

You dont need to know morse code - we will convert your phrase into the code for you. Around 7-10 words works well, but we can use more.

Could be used for an “in joke”, pet names, or even the secret ingredients for your favourite family recipe!

A perfect gift for a loved one and a style concious home owner.

The subtle personalisation makes these a great alternative to normal personalised frames, although you can add names to the bottom of the frame if you want to personalise further.

You have the option to buy just the frame to add your favourite photo yourself, or we can print your image and insert it into the frame so the gift is ready to give. Simply choose 'Add photo' from the drop down box, upload your image and we'll do the rest!

You can even have the frame delivered straight to the recipient and we will add a gift tag with a personal message from you.

The morse code is printed onto the frame in a natural deep brown.

Each frame is made from sustainable mango wood with a rustic white finish and are all glazed with glass.

18 x 13cm (aperture 15 x 10cm)

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