Personalised 'Naughty or Nice' Photo Christmas Decoration


A natural wood hanging decoration displaying your favourite photo of a child from the past year - have they been naughty or nice?!

This personalised tag is a perfect token gift off the big man himself. Imagine the surprise on your little ones face when they see not only a message off Father Christmas himself, but photographic evidence of their naughty or nice behaviour!

Their incriminating or angelic photograph will be displayed on the tag, along with a little message about the image.

Personalise with your childs photo and a message about if they have been naughty or nice.

There are two endings depending on whether your child has been naughty or nice!

"That was a bit NAUGHTY. But mostly you've been NICE."


"That was really lovely. You have been very NICE.

For example:

Your text could read - "Remember when you smeared cream all over the telly? That was a bit naughty. But mostly you've been nice."

As we all know, Santa has a soft spot for even the naughtiest children, so all tags end up with a Santa approved 'Nice' stamp!

The message will be signed off by the big man himself.

Your personalised tag is made by elves from plywood with either natural twine or a satin ribbon, making it light enough to hang on the Christmas tree.

8x13cm, 2mm thick.

Design © The Drifting Bear Co. 2017