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Personalised 'Our Jukebox' Songs Print


Your special songs displayed on a jukebox strip, as if ready and waiting to play.

We all love flicking through the song selections in a jukebox and finding our favourite songs to play. Imagine if every song available had a special meaning to you.

With our personalised 'Our Jukebox' songs print, you can choose eight of your favourite songs to display upon your wall as if ready to play at the drop at a coin.

Each 'ticket' states a song title and artist. You can even add the memory associated with the song beneath.

A great way to display your ultimate playlist or sentimental songs that remind you of special times in your life.

The song strip is available in five different colours, and can be delivered unframed or framed in a frame of your choice. There are a number of frames to choose from, including our premium FSC frames, made purely of materials that are from sustainable sources.

Unframed prints are printed onto 192gsm paper with the highest quality giclee inks.

Unframed - 20x50cm

Framed - 25x55cm approx. (depending on the frame you choose).

We ship all our unframed prints worldwide. Unfortunately we are unable to deliver framed items internationally at this time.

Dispatch time: 2-5 working days depending on the delivery option selected at checkout. 


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