April - Tree Update

April - Tree Update

Happy April! We hope you all had a lovely Easter. April is also the dedicated month to celebrate Earth Day, and the theme for this year is ‘Restore Our Earth.’ One of the most effective ways we can do this, is by replenishing the world’s forests. 

This month your orders are helping to plant trees in India, specifically for the Adivasi Bhatra Tribe. This indigenous community heavily relies on forests for food security and livelihood. They use trees for medicines, fuel, firewood, food and drink, housing materials and food for livestock. The planting of trees in this area will boost the rural economy, and help bring some life back into the community. 

The trees being planted will also include fruit bearing native species. These will improve the overall habitat and fruit abundance for the wildlife, and enhance ecosystems. 

As well as this, a plantation of bamboo will be created, which will act as a bio-fence to guard the crop field, reducing human-wildlife conflict incidences. 

Although every day is Earth Day here at The Drifting Bear HQ, today is the perfect opportunity to really reflect, and make a conscious effort to protect this incredible big ball we all live on.

Little by little, we will help save this planet. 🌱🌎💚

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