January - Tree Update

January - Tree Update

A new year, new mindset, and one step closer towards a new sense of freedom. As difficult as it may be, we hope you are all continuing to stay positive…the light is finally at the end of this long tunnel!

If you are in need of a dose of positivity, you might like to know that this month your orders have been helping to plant trees in Nepal. This is a diverse nation with an abundance of wildlife and dramatic landscapes, including breathtaking snow-capped mountains and hot tropical planes. Chitwan National Park alone hosts more than 700 species of wildlife, including leopards and the elusive Bengal tiger. Therefore it is extremely important that we preserve the habitats and ecosystems of this area. Reforestation not only helps to do this, but also improves the local livelihoods.

THANK YOU for all your orders this month…January is usually a quieter few weeks, but this year we have been overwhelmed by the continued love and support. 

Stay safe and keep your head up! xx

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