March - Tree update (it's Mother's Day for Mother Earth!)

March - Tree update (it's Mother's Day for Mother Earth!)

March saw a very busy month for us with lots of you ordering thoughtful gifts for Mother's day. Thanks to all your orders, we have donated lots of new trees to be planted in India.⁣

For this project, our reforestation partner in India will be planting fruit trees in Marora, Ghaghas, and their surrounding villages. The trees will be planted on land owned by local farmers and community organizations including orphanages, aged care homes, and residential schools for the underprivileged. Here, a single fruit tree can provide sustained nourishment and income to the beneficiary for 50 years or more. Planting fruit trees will help these communities to fight global warming, hunger, and poverty. ⁣

Thank you for everyone who has placed an order with us this month, and we hope it helps to know where your tree is being planted and the benefits it will be bring.


* Image courtesy of 'One Tree Planted'.

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