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June - Tree update

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June - Tree update

Well, what a busy month! We hope you all had a fabulous Father's day!

Lots of trees will be planted this month thanks to all your orders during a busy June for The Drifting Bear Co! This month we have chosen for our trees to be planted in the Amazon rainforest.⁠

You may have heard on the news a few days ago that an area the size of a football pitch of Amazon rainforest is being lost every single minute, which is not only adding to climate change but also means the indigenous populations are losing their homes.⁠

We know what we're doing here is minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but we hope that what we're doing will go a little way to help make a difference. And if everyone did something minuscule, maybe we could all make a massive difference.⁠


* Image courtesy of 'One Tree Planted'.

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