February 2022 - Tree Update

February 2022 - Tree Update

Thank you for your Valentine's Day orders this month!  In February your orders helped plant trees in Tanzania as part of the Usambara Biodiversity Conservation project.

This project works not only to restore and maintain biodiversity in the Eastern Arc Mountains but also to educate and engage communities.  Population growth has meant illegal and unsustainable use of nature reserves in the area due to the need for building materials, cooking fuel, and other tree products.  By assuring adequate tree availability to communities in the Usambara Mountains, the project will be able to avoid the unsustainable illegal use of the Reserves and help the environment to thrive again.

Conservation work is a complex issue but we are proud to be able to help work with charities that help the new generation to understand how environmental conservation works to their benefit. 🌱


[photo credit: Usambara Biodiversity Conservation]

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