↟↟↟ Every order over £10 plants one tree! ↟↟↟ ↟↟↟ Every order over £10 plants one tree! ↟↟↟

January 2022 - Tree Update

January 2022 - Tree Update

A new year and a fresh opportunity to improve our planet! ūüĆć

This year we are partnering with Tree Nation to help support the truly amazing work they do around the globe.  Through reforestation and conservation projects Tree Nation help to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity.

In January your orders helped plant trees in Madagascar and Tanzania.  The trees planted in Madagascar are being grown as part of an initiative that is responding to the large-scale loss of mangroves and upland forests. 

Reforestation has SUCH a wide ranging positive impact on the planet.  As well as providing a healthy habitat for animals, the trees planted will aid in purifying water sources and controlling flooding.  A healthy environment means healthy soil which, in turn, means farmers can grow crops successfully again.  

This particular initiative, Eden Reforestation Projects, also employs members of the local community to help plant and guard trees giving them a valuable income to ensure they can provide for their families.

Each order you place with us means a new tree added to a part of the world that desperately needs it, thank you so much for helping us to make a difference.ūüíö

[Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects]

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