November - Tree Update

November - Tree Update

With only two months left to go of this year, we're set on making them good ones! Something bringing a smile to our faces each day is the thought of your orders helping to create a difference all across the world.

This month we will be working with our partners to plant trees in Brazil. The Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica), once spanned 130 million hectares across Brazil, but due to deforestation for timber, sugar cane, coffee and urbanisation, it now covers only 12% of its original area.

Being one of the top five priority conservation areas in the world, it is home to over 20,000 species of plant and 2,000 animal species. On top of protecting the wildlife, planting trees in this tropical rainforest ecosystem will also help to restore critical watersheds, providing clean air and water to the 120+ people who now live in and around the Atlantic Forest. 

We'd like to send each one of you a big virtual hug to say thank you for your endless support. We hope you're all doing okay, and that this brings a small piece of positivity to your day! ✨

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