Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide for making it extra special this year!

Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide for making it extra special this year!

Valentine's Day has become a little maligned in recent years.  Too many jokes about petrol station flowers and chocolate boxes has meant that we've lost that romantic spark!

Let's change that for 2022, we all need a bit of a boost don't we, so let's bring back some romance with some truly unique gifts...

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Our Secret Santa Gift Guide

Our Secret Santa Gift Guide
It’s that time of year again, the dreaded Secret Santa gift season in offices and workplaces across the country! But before you head to the supermarket for that box of chocolates, why not take a look at our range of personalised gifts and stand out from the crowd…we’re not saying it will get you a promotion but you might get an extra cup of tea or two out of it! Continue reading

Sydney's Blog - May at The Drifting Bear Co.

Hello, Sydney here again!

May has been another busy month for everybody here at The Drifting Bear Co. with the start of wedding season upon us and Fathers Day just around the corner.  Whilst I'm pretty sure I'll always be a single pup, I have been pondering what I can buy my dad David for Father's Day.

There's certainly plenty of new personalised products for me to choose from as the Drifting Bear team have had their thinking caps on again and produced a great new range of personalised items.


First up is this Personalised Photo Print on Wood, a photo print with a difference!  These natural wood slices come from responsibly sourced Ash trees and make a unique canvas for your treasured photos.  Ideal as a personal and thoughtful gift for any wedding couple or dad, these wooden slices bring the wonder of the great outdoors in to your home.

The tree rings featured on each slice not only make each piece unique, but beautifully reflect the passing of time and would be a great way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.

Whilst the traditional gift to give for a fifth wedding dog anniversary is a chew toy, in the human world it's wood!  This makes these wooden slices a perfect anniversary gift for the humans in your life.

Next is our Personalised Wooden Wedding Keepsake which would make a great gift for couples looking to remember a special date and celebrate their love.  Simply provide two names and your special date and The Drifting Bear team will create you a beautiful gift.  

I'm already a bit of a wood fan, and am always partial to a stick or two, so can see that the natural and unique materials of this item would make a great addition to a rustic wedding day, as part of the styling for the day and then as a momento of the day for years later.

Your wooden slice can be displayed in so many ways making this a really versatile personalised gift.  I think I would keep mine in my toy box or next to my food bowl but they would look equally good attached directly to a wall or simply placed on a shelf.  You could even attach a hook and hang the wooden slice on ribbon or natural twine. Alternatively, order more than one and create a unique set of wooden images to compliment your home's style (as shown above). 

These beautiful personalised gifts are proving to be really popular so I better get my order in quick.  I don't even have to worry about getting my paws round the wrapping process as each wooden slice is wrapped neatly in tissue paper ready to be presented to the lucky recipient!

Now to get on to the serious business of picking which photo of me dad would like… there are so many to pick from.  

Sydney x

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Sydney's Blog - April at The Drifting Bear Co.

As the end of April approaches we have a new beginning here at The Drifting Bear Co. Each month I will be treating you to an insight into the goings on here in our lovely little studio in Devon. My name is Sydney, the Drifting Bear dog! Some of you may have seen me over on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages, I love having my photo taken and causing mischief for my owners Tanya and David.

So what does an average day at The Drifting Bear Co. look like?

Most days at The Drifting Bear start with me saying hello to the office by running to my neatly packed toy box and grabbing a few toys to play with. Soon after this Kirstyn arrives and, although I see her every day, I like to give her a few barks of hello… just in case she’s forgotten me. She gets straight to work on any enquiries and orders that have come in overnight and makes sure that all the lovely Drifting Bear customers are happy with their personalised prints. After a few head scratches from Kirstyn I head on over to Tanya, she is the keeper of the treats. Tanya is busy making sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. She’s a whizz at adding new products onto our site and making sure that we always have fresh new ideas for our products.

Just before lunch the postman arrives, this is always an important part of my day as I need to make sure that everyone knows he’s arrived. For some reason the postman never stays for long.

After lunch I see that Kirstyn is busy packaging all the personalised prints so they're ready to be sent out so I visit Tim who is designing the latest orders to come in.  It's been a busy day and, just like I need my treats, the Drifting Bear team need their treats too, so Tim makes everyone a well deserved cup of tea.  

I have a bit of a laze as the printer whirrs above me on the desk and watch as David gets to work on some brand new designs (more of this later!).  I bark my approval of a design I see that looks like it would make a great gift, David seems to think I want a treat so I won't argue if he insists.

As the day draws to a close I feel like it's time for a nap, my favourite spot is the rather comfy pile of post bags underneath the desk.  It's from this position that I can have a snooze whilst keeping an eye out for any more deliveries I need to have a bark at.  Sometimes I'm rudely interrupted from this snooze when the post needs sorting and putting into bags.  It's around this time that Kirstyn usually says goodbye, I'm looking forward to barking hello to her tomorrow already!


April has seen some big changes at The Drifting Bear Co., biggest of all was the installation of a shiny new printer! It looks like there will be a lot of new products heading to the Drifting Bear site soon thanks to this great new bit of machinery.  The Drifting Bear team had a great day learning how to use the new printer and I helped out by regularly giving everything a good sniff to check it was all ok.  

It's already been a busy month for new products here on our site with the additions of our Spring Coordinates Print, Colourful Slides Print and Framed Floating Metal Polaroid...

Our Spring Coordinates Print would make a perfect gift for a Spring wedding or to remember a special Springtime birthday. This personalised print is available for a limited time only so catch it quick before it goes!

I'm a big fan of Instagram (and my photos featuring on there) and this print is sure to go down well with fellow Instagram fans as it's a great way of getting your favourite photos off your phone and on to your walls.  This personalised print would also make an excellent gift for a photo fan looking to perk up their home with a splash of colour.

I know the Drifting Bear team are really proud of this new product as it combines our popular polaroid style design with a fresh new framing method. Your polaroid photo is printed onto an aluminium plate which is then raised from the back of the box frame so your photo looks like it is floating. Apparently they make great Anniversary presents, especially for a fifth wedding anniversary. 

I hope you've enjoyed this insight into the goings on at Sydney… I mean, Drifting Bear, HQ.  I can't wait to bring you news of all our latest personalised products, gift ideas and what the future holds for The Drifting Bear Co.


Sydney x





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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Today saw the phenomena that is a total solar eclipse. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to show you our totally unique and personal 'moon prints'.

As with the eclipse, spectacular moments in your life are often rare and deserve to be commemorated. Our personalised moon phase prints are the perfect way to to do this! We will find the moon for your special night and display it alongside your own text, for whatever special occasion you would like remembered. This could be the night you met your partner, an engagement, a wedding night, or even a birth. 
NEW 'I love you to the moon and back' Personalised Print - Personalised with your own special moon phase for a special date in your life alongside the saying 'I love you to the moon and back'.

In our Personalised 'Under this moon' print, Personalised 'Phase of moon' print and Personalised 'Wedding moon' print, the moon phase of your special night takes center stage. We can find out how the moon will look on future dates as well as past, so these make perfect wedding gifts to give on the day itself!

Our Personalised 'Many Moons' print shows the phase of the moon for 3, 5 or 7 special dates in your life, giving the saying 'many moons ago' a whole different meaning! 

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Lets share the love!

It's February - the most romantic month of the year. A time for spoiling your other half and telling them how much you love them. 

So, how will you show your love this Valentines Day? We have lots of sentimental, personalised prints that perfectly capture a special moment between you and your loved one. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Our Personalised Coordinates Print is the perfect reminder of a special place - where you met, had your first kiss, got engaged or even got married.

Share a special song that reminds you of a certain moment in your relationship? Our Personalised 'Our Song' print and Personalised Song Lyrics prints are a great way to make your loved ones heart sing!

If you used to love making a romantic mix tape of special songs, our Personalised 'Our Jukebox' print makes a great reminder of those favourite songs. You can add up to eight songs and even add the memory associated to each of them.

Our Personalised Cinema Marquee prints are a great way of celebrating your relationship. Personalise with your names and date for your very own 'When Harry met Sally' moment!


To help spread the love this month, we're having a very special giveaway! 

For your chance to WIN one of our brand new framed Personalised Valentines Love prints, simply like us on Facebook or Instagram and 'Share' the 'Share the Love' competition post.

Competition ends Sunday 8th February and the lucky winner will be notified on Monday 9th February.

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A perfect @Example of our work...

A few months ago we were contacted by the O2 Academy to produce some custom designed 'Cinema Marquee Prints' to be displayed in O2 Academy dressing rooms across the country, promoting their various Twitter handles to the world famous bands and artists that play there. 

Here is a photo that musician 'Example' uploaded to his instagram account (@example) - posing with one of the framed prints before their gig at the O2 Academy Bournemouth last week...

Example at the O2 Academy posing with our Personalised Cinema Marquee Print

Personalised Cinema Marquee Print O2 Academy Oxford

If you would like to create your own 'Personalised Cinema Marquee Print' you can do so by CLICKING HERE.



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