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March - Tree Update

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March - Tree Update

We can’t believe how fast this year seems to be going already! Those few days of warm weather have made us even more excited for the Spring and Summer time.

This month, the trees from all of your lovely orders will be planted in Tanzania, East Africa. Specifically, the Eastern Arc Mountains, which are a global diversity hot spot. This means we must maintain the biodiversity, especially with the population continuing to grow in this area. The people need building materials, cooking fuel, and other tree products to survive, so by assuring adequate tree availability to the communities, we can avoid the unsustainable use of the Reserves. 

We love knowing exactly where in the world the trees are being planted each month. It really makes every order that comes through that little bit more special! 

Thank you for your endless support, and remember that with every day, we are one step closer to these strange times coming to an end. 💚

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